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  • Transform your space with a versatile Pooja unit, seamlessly blending spirituality with style, offering a dedicated sanctuary for your daily rituals and prayers. Our thoughtfully designed Pooja units provide a sacred space to perform rituals while seamlessly integrating with your interior design.
  • Reorganize your home into a winter wonderland with our free interior design ideas inspired by the pristine beauty of snow Discover the magic of snowy whites and cool blues to create a cozy, inviting ambiance. Let the enchantment of snowflakes and frosty beauty infuse your living spaces. Discover timeless elegance in every flake.
  • Select the perfect fit for your space with our interior units, available in three distinct sizes, tailored to elevate your interior design and suit your unique space and style:
  • Small: 3ft 8in x 2ft
  • Medium: 4ft 6in x 2ft
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  • Our downloadable PDF features comprehensive construction instructions and 3D explanatory images, providing essential guidance for assembling the unit featured in the image, empowering you with vital project insights.
  • The PDF is meticulously crafted, with color-coded material references and recommended quantities, simplifying your material acquisition process for improved project efficiency.
  • Please note that we do not disclose specific brand details or material pricing, as this information is readily available on brand websites and local outlets, ensuring transparency.
  • Furthermore, the PDF incorporates crucial labor requirements for your project, including contact information for seamless execution, enhancing your project planning.
  • Additionally, discover valuable information about local material vendors within the city, streamlining your material procurement process for increased convenience.
  • We don’t provide information about hardware specification like screws, nails, adhesive etc these will be varied according site conditions.
  • And last but not least, don’t forget that our unit is available in three different sizes—small, medium, and large—catering to your specific needs, enhancing your search visibility and project flexibility.
  1. Small size(Size 1): Perfect for compact spaces and smaller projects.
  2. Medium size(Size 2): Versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.
  3. Large size(Size 3): Ideal for more extensive projects and spacious areas.





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